Artemis Vase White

Small: 22 (h) x 15 (d) cm
Medium: 31 (h) x 16 (d) cm
Large: 40 (h) x 17 (d) cm         

Material: Jesmonite                      

Made in our studio in Milano,  each vase may have some slight imperfections making each piece unique.

The Artemis vase is inspired by a sculpture from the 2nd century which symbolises fertility and abbundance,  we like to think that our vase can too be similarly propitious.

Made in Italy.

Shipping time: 2 weeks


400.00 500.00 

The Artemis vase comes in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, Large) and it’s offered the following colours; white, pale pink, terracotta, brick and light grey.